Sunday, February 28, 2010

the geeks get the girls

I don't post nearly as often as I said I would when I started this. I'm going to try hardest to rectify this.
All good news today. We have an awesome new apartment ready to move into in the next couple of weeks. It'll be me, Ashlee(my current roommate), her boyfriend Dan and our friend Cheryl. I smell epic times ahead.
Finished those pesky taxes. First time doing them. I feel like an adult.
My entry for Ravelympics. TeamTARDIS!
ravelry project page
Finished Sunshine. Pretty good read. Completely different(in a good way) of what I though it'd be(and what others in the same genre are like). Though it did make me(and now my roommate who's just started it) crave cinnamon rolls. So you know what?
Sunday evening plans!
TOS marathon...
and the misson for the evening...
ours aren't nearly as pretty/non-messy looking, but isn't that how they should be?
Mmmmm...dessert for dinner. Yeah, I'm an adult.
photos from weheartit and googling awesomeness(okay, I just typed in Star Trek).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Single's Awareness Day!

Plans for the day:
Weeding my way through a long queue in Hulu with a little help from
A little bit of this
maybe take a break for a dash of
and a whole lotta(for ravelympics...TeamTARDIS!)
Might go for a single's dinner and movie with Susan in the evening. All in all, looking to be a fairly productive day.
photos from weheartit and fuckyeahdesert

Saturday, February 6, 2010

In the daylight we can hitchhike to Maine

photo from weheartit
Exciting news...and crappy pictures staring yours truly.
We're moving out of the Suburbs and back to Chicago! Happy dance time! How I miss the loud noises, the CTA, distinguishable neighborhoods, a complete lack of personal space. Ah, the city. I think my chronic cabin fever made me unfit for suburbia. Now I know.
And look! I finished a knitting project. Proper pictures to come soonish(hopefully).
And I'm venturing into the world of recyclable yarn. Courtesy of this old sweater. As of yet, I'm unsure of what it'll turn into. Maybe a different sweater....maybe something fugly but funny....probably a scarf.