Monday, November 14, 2011

in which I recycle for nostalgia

I don't get to go to the library as much as I want to, mostly cause I constantly forget to return books, cause I'm bad at setting deadlines for myself.
But excuses aside, I love libraries. And do not like that library cards are no longer the way to mark when something's due. I don't know about other cities, but here in Chicago, we now get receipts. Really? Receipts. I lose those in the bottom of my bag and under my bed when tossing them out of my pants.
I miss library cards.
So, this happened!
I bought t some recycled, multi-colored library cards and made these cute-sy bookmarks. Inspired by Hogwarts house colors (if Hogwarts was more pastel).
Here they are!
The cards are from Knot & Bow, which has so many cute things, it took a lot of will power not to buy half the things on there.
Step 1: Trim them down to what seemed like a good "bookmark" width. Luckily, that just so happened to be enough so you can still see all the important bits.
Step 2: Punch some holes!
Step 3: Add ribbon. I also used a little fabric glue to keep the parts where the ribbon attached together and sturdy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sandra Lee is shaking her head at me

I love cheesecake.
So, I decided to make homemade pumpkin cheesecake. From scratch. Vegan to boot so my roommates could eat them. Also, cupcake size. Cause, why not?
This is what went down...
 Taking my nervousness out on graham crackers.
 The crust doesn't look right, but hey, the internet said to make it this way. To the oven!
Bad idea...I owe someone a new cupcake pan. Oh well....moving on!
 Should I go to the store for pumpkin spice? Nah! I know what's in it.
 Second attempt. Went much better. Don't bake it, who knew? Apparently, a different website.
 Teeeeeeny batch. 
 To the fridge with you!
This all happened yesterday. They've yet to fully set so it's more like a cheesecake custard, but at least they taste like they should!
And that's why, I should not be allowed in the kitchen alone.