Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sandra Lee is shaking her head at me

I love cheesecake.
So, I decided to make homemade pumpkin cheesecake. From scratch. Vegan to boot so my roommates could eat them. Also, cupcake size. Cause, why not?
This is what went down...
 Taking my nervousness out on graham crackers.
 The crust doesn't look right, but hey, the internet said to make it this way. To the oven!
Bad idea...I owe someone a new cupcake pan. Oh well....moving on!
 Should I go to the store for pumpkin spice? Nah! I know what's in it.
 Second attempt. Went much better. Don't bake it, who knew? Apparently, a different website.
 Teeeeeeny batch. 
 To the fridge with you!
This all happened yesterday. They've yet to fully set so it's more like a cheesecake custard, but at least they taste like they should!
And that's why, I should not be allowed in the kitchen alone.

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