Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I keep failing to regularly update like I promised I would. I know. No gold star for me this week.
So, a quick update of sorts until I actually start to be productive and get pictures onto my laptop.

1. Went on a mini road trip with Ashlee and Susan. We rode horses! And yes there is proof coming so soon.
Side note: manual cameras are awesome but a pain to share in the digital world. And I have my eyes on getting a Holga.
2. Stumped over what to do now that it's warmer out and knitting no longer seem appropriate. Desperately trying to work with Ashlee's sewing machine in order to do...something. If my current attempt to adjust a t-shirt to fit me works, I'll gleefully share and continue with more such projects.
3. I really like bullet point lists.
4. I want these socks from Fred Flare In fact, I want to have a field day at that site.

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