Tuesday, March 13, 2012

recipe schmecipe!

I should probably start by saying I don't cook. I microwave and use boxed meals. Me and Sandra Lee should be bff.
So I decided to make pesto cavatappi....why? Cause I'm crazy, I love it, and can't justify going to Noodles n' Co. all the time.
The basil pesto turned into half spinach half basil pesto, cause damn, is mass basil expensive! And pine nuts! What do people do with these things that the supply-demand means "take all of my money"?
Anyways....since I'm alive, it's probably safe to say I cooked the mushrooms properly. Also I skipped the cheese, cause, well, I ate all the cheese I had.
Final verdict: delicious!
Also, it's gorgeous weather-wise in Chicago. Time to break out the cute dresses and plan a trip to the dunes!

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