Sunday, October 18, 2009

fairytales, time travel....and pumpkins

Last of my "old new" things. And finally gonna start unraveling old sweaters and things for yarn and resewing old clothes. I'm pretty excited about it.

Snow White Scarf

Time Traveler Scarf
Calling it that cause it was my first attempt to crochet a vertical stripe scarf and I made it 10 feet long by accident. I blame my sister, she said I couldn't use myself as a guide for length since I'm short, so I made it longer than it really needed to be. I think the Doctor would approve though.

I'm going to a pumpkin carving party today! I know, complete non-sequitur, but I've only ever carved a, yes singular, pumpkin and it was a sort of fail pumpkin. It's BOYP. Pumpkins, knives and drinking. The makings of an awesome Sunday afternoon.

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