Tuesday, November 17, 2009

knitting and crocheting takes balls...true fact

I've decided I'm going to make everyone's Christmas gifts this year. Not sure how that'll work out since a few people on my list are very vague and it'll be hard to find a color they'll like let alone an entire homemade project. So we'll see how long it goes before I crack and buy things.
But just in case I crack and can't make it to the end...
I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org
And I'm not completely full of non-productive-ness, I have multiple new items I'm going to list by the end of this week and will finally finish writing up my patterns.
Oh crafting, keeping me from my murdering spree since 2006.

Unrelated news: I never got to post it on the side but I read and finished Secret Diary of a Call Girl and it was a pretty great read. Not what I was I was expecting, in a good way. And finally started reading Fahrenheit 451.

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