Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My spoon's too big!

So I didn't get to make a end of year post to wish everyone an awesome new year cause I was a getting ready for a trip to Texas.

side note: if you're going to drive the day after New Year's celebrations, probably not the best idea to stay up till 5 am with everyone. Though it was well worth it cause my friends are made of awesome-sauce.

Texas was long and cold and a bit stressful at times, but I had Ashlee and Susan with me to keep from going completely mad as a hatter. I'd have pictures but I had to sell my baby (still heartbroken over it but it has a good home with one of my friends who I know will treat Westley good...yes I named my camera, don't tell anyone) But we've been on a disposable camera kick for a while, which is pretty fun in itself, so they're all currently trapped in an ancient plastic box called Polaroid.

Non-sequitur time!
Goals. I kinda have them. I have lists at least.
Books. I read them....
I finished off 2009 with a grand total of 37 books read. Not bad. I will reach 50 this year. I pinky swear.
Crafting. I will be doing oh so much more of it. I would love to be able to put up a new item in my store every week or every two weeks, though how to achieve this without a camera is the current mystery.
I will finally finish my Doctor Who scarf. And a sweater I can wear and not feel frumpy and uncomfortable in. And socks. I know, knitters shake their head at me in shame. But no more!

Remember that writing degree? Still have it. Should probably put it to good use.
Money money money...must be funny...in a rich man's world. Yeah. Pretty self explanatory. I need to get that in order. Stat.
There's a lot more goals and things I need to take care of/do/complete/etcetera etcetera but this'll do for now. No need to overwhelm myself one week into 2010.

Anyone else? I love knowing that other people make lists in their heads too. Makes me feel less neurotic.

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