Friday, January 22, 2010

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I'm in a crafting rut. Mainly becuase every time I attempt to start one, it quickly ends. May be my cabin fever has finally driven me insane. May be that all my yarn is in scraps and refuse to get along with one another.
Who knows.
But I do know that I'm trying to kick start some knitting/crocheting/sewing mojo...and my new found couch potato status has made me want to go at this full on.

Scarves! That aren't from Doctor Who. I narrowed my love down to a few.
Originally I had nearly every scarf Jayne wears in Wonderfalls on my shortlist, but I didn't want to appear too ambitious. So I gave Chuck some love(have yet to find a Dead Like Me Scarf I want) Oh Bryan Fuller, you secret craft lover, you.
No, these are not knitted or crocheted scarves. But yes, I do want to branch out and make these styles. And of course, there's the added pretty factor of Primeval to egg me on even more.

Now to just figure out how to jump start some projects with all the scrap yarn ever.

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