Thursday, September 9, 2010

Geektastic Thursday

September is just going to be everything and all things Bryan Fuller.
Today: Pushing Daisies. If, for no other reason, cause I'm in a mood for some Lee Pace.
I feel like a bad fan for not really noticing (until I re-watched it to introduce my roommate Ashlee to it) that Ned (unless undercover) never wears color. Black, gray and the occasional white when he's in a suit is his entire color scheme. It's like he's a cartoon.
Possibly a stretch, but this sweater kinda reminds of this one.
Someone on livejournal made a few caps of knitted items. My favorites:
The rest can be seen here.

Ned's scarves. I'm sad I couldn't find a better picture of the second one. Though there's an awesome pattern for it on Ravelry.
And some more for fun.
Sweater vest and gun holster. Emerson is my knitsperation.
You know he totally knitted those beehive cozies as well.
These sweaters. Want. I'm sadly lacking an over-sized knitted "Christmas-like" sweater with some sort of animal on it.
I know there's a zillion more examples, but I had to stop myself before I made a twenty page long picspam.

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