Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Neil Gaiman makes me want to write again

I went to a talk with my sister, Heather, given by the CPL for their One Book One Chicago. They're doing Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, who was one of the speakers, along with Audrey Niffengger (the Time Traveler's Wife).
It was amazing! I almost cried when he came out, and again when he talked about Terry Prattchet.
My favorite part was when he talked about writer's block, and how he believed it was just a writer just needing to take a step back to solve whatever writing problem their is by looking at the work from a non-writer perspective.
Anyways. It all made me want to get back into writing. I might even buy a desk and everything. We'll see how it goes.
Some swag he signed. Well, technically, "pre-signed" since there were far too many people for him to sit down and sign them on the spot. BUT STILL! He touched them. I now have them!
The signed Neverwhere is for Ashlee since she couldn't make it and it's her favorite book. Heather got The Graveyard Book. Pretty stocked about all of them. I haven't read Annasi Boys yet.
 Now for some badly taken shots of the man of the night. Funny how the clearest one has a head blocking Audrey. An't that always the way it goes?

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