Thursday, May 5, 2011

Geektastic Thursday: Drinking in the Kitchen

So, not exactly a geeky topic, but I did try (and succeed) in making margarita cupcakes for my work's Cinco de Mayo potluck. And yes, they did have tequila baked into them and in the frosting.
Onto my adventures in baking from scratch...the pizza and hammer were just spectators.
This is my worried about baking from scratch (and vegan to boot), not having vanilla, so I should have some sangria face.
 The recipe said to make homemade icing. Too much for my novice self, I just put lime juice and tequila into the unsuspecting store bought frosting. Besides, Sandra Lee taught me to take help where you can. She also makes her fair share of cocktails while cooking, so she's helpful on both counts.
 Lesson learned: don't let cupcakes without butter in them cool in the pan. They will stick to the paper.
Cause I was a sad panda thinking I ruined them, I googled why it happens and just heated them slightly in the oven for a couple of minutes, then let them re-cool outside the pan. Seemed to fix the issue.
All in all: not too shabby. People liked them, so I say a job well done.
Oh! I also made hummus. 
I'm so Martha Stewart today! I might make "drinking in the kitchen" a recurring thing.

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