Thursday, May 26, 2011

Geektastic Thursday: Happy Endings for all!

In just a couple of days, I've watch all of and fallen in love with this show.

The jist: a couple break up on their wedding day and their mutual friends have to deal with the fallout.
IN LOVE. It's funny, but not in a sitcom sort of way. The characters feel real. And I believe that they would all know/be friends with each other. And I love that the friends, in other shows just the quirky minor characters I always want more of, seem to be the main focus of the show.
Max, the non-stereotype gay man and Penny, the single friend, are my favorites. And they're each other's non-romantic soulmates, it's perfect. And it's set in Chicago. Win.
The only downside is that ABC aired them in all sorts of the wrong order. Luckily, I jumped on the bandwagon late and found a viewing guide via the writer's twitter, so I could watch it in the right order.
Here it is!
   1. Pilot
   2. Bo Fight (ep. 10)
   3. Barefoot Pedaler (ep. 11)
   4. Dave of the Dead (ep. 7)
   5. Quicksand Girlfriend (ep. 2)
   6. Why Can’t You Read Me (unaired)
   7. Of Mice and Jazz Kwon Do (ep. 6)
   8. Mein Coming Out (ep. 4)
   9. Your Couples, Friends, and Neighbors (ep. 3)
  10. You’ve Got Male (ep. 9)
  11. The Girl with the David Tattoo (ep. 8)
  12. Like Father, Like Gun (ep. 5)
  13. The Shershow Redemption (ep. 12)

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