Monday, January 23, 2012

blame the meds

Today was a less crappy day of recovery than this weekend. Less swollen, less bruised, less feeling like a leper all around. Cried a bit. Had a wee bit of wine. Fought some lego death eaters. Recipe for sanity.
This came in the mail! I've been wanting to dress as a Hidden Temple contestant for years and I finally convinced a group of friends to do it for Capricon in a couple of weeks! Cause, seriously, I did not want to do it solo for Halloween like a chump.
And because I couldn't find light bulbs to replace one that burned out in my rooms (also, standing for too long still makes me dizzy), I managed to finally put these up.
Yeah. Not much else going on. Doing a lot of trashy TV time. Also reading. So much reading.

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