Saturday, January 21, 2012

it's like vacation...only with more medicine and an inability to leave the house

So yeah. I had surgery and am now confined to my apartment for the next couple of weeks. It's like vacation....only, you know, I'm avoiding people, mirrors, and putting on real clothes.
It hasn't been completely boring. Aside from watching all of the Hulu and Netflix, I've managed to get a lot of not so important things done.
Like catch up on important news....
Turns out, I'm not Taylor Lautner's type.
Learned important life lessons, such as Highlanders are the worst and best idea. Also, coloring is fraking awesome!
I've also gotten a lot of crafting done. Finally finished all but the words on my Flight of the Conchords tea party cross stitch.
And am halfway through knitting a scarf....which I have no real need for, I just like the colors and wanted to knit while watching TV (p.s., the scarf is purple, dark pink, and brown, not whatever the picture decided to be...curse my limited lighting!)
Also got these cute get well cards from Susan and Ashlee!
This one was a joke card, it says whore on the inside. My friends are the best!
I'm now off to read more of my trashy book and watch a ridiculous amount of TV.

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