Wednesday, October 14, 2009

it's not technically stealing....

...if it all belongs to me.
I had to condo sit for my mom the past few days, though there's nothing there that needs "sitting" like a pet or plants or anything. But I'm taking the chance to take the rest of my things to the new apartment. Well, there's still some straggling things like books I want to sell and a coat that won't fit in my bag. But other than that, it's all mine!

Also, it makes me feel very productive. I've paid rent and credit cards and am looking for tutorials on reconstructing clothes(I need new ones but can't afford any)
Slightly stressful but otherwise a pretty successful two days.

Tiny steps towards getting my life into something resembling sanity.

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  1. I'm 26 and about a year ago, when I moved to portland, my dad gave me a few LARGE boxes of my old stuff. It was pretty strange to go through. Some was nostalgic and some of the clothes I am wearing again.

    I just remember finding a beloved pair of pink vynal pants and thinking... oh thats where those went. They fit but I can't imagine wearing them now!