Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Boldlygo Chritsmas

We named our apartment Boldlygo. This was our Christmas Eve Eve.
Wallace vs. ribbon. Wallace won.
The battle of who could gift in the largest box. Susan won with the massive candy cane one front and center.
British crackers!
 We kept sticking more on ourselves as the night went on. Blame general yuletide excitement. Or the champagne and beer.
 Moo kitty spent most of the evening sleeping in the gift wrap massacre.
 Pass the pigs. Pretty much the most intense "dice" game ever.
 Time turner put into use....where will they go!?!
Now I'm off to eat sweets and wait for my mom and sister to wake up. Don't they know what today is!?
Also! SMITHMAS! Doctor Who Christmas Carol is on tonight! The countdown begins!
And a few bonuses I found the past few days.
Trolling the gf on Christmas
What Santa Really Does While You're Asleep
Gingerbread Serenity

HAPPY CHRIMMUS!! Stay warm, safe and full of deliciousness.


  1. Looks like an amazing Christmas! Love the photos, and I'm envious of the kitty!

  2. Thanks! The cats are so spoiled, but we love em for it.