Monday, December 13, 2010

There's always a bloody ghost

Pretty much the best companion books ever.
I also highly recommend Christopher Moore in general. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. Clever and hilarious.
Also, It's been snowing all weekend and I've never felt more like a hermit than I did this morning.
So I thought, why not venture outside? Yeah. I made a list.
I ended up just visiting the library for the first time since moving in last March. This was my haul.
 I actually took a class that Joe Meno taught(Hairstyles of the Damned on the far left) and finally decided to read something by him even though I already have one of his books and never gotten around to reading it. To be honest, when I was in his class, I was a lovestruck Sophomore and knew reading his highly praised books would only make my crush worse. Yeah. I'm that lame.
Now contemplating "adult" tea and cookies cause I'm such an adult.
Happy Monday!

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