Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In a Crimmus kind of mood

Still haven't gotten to my Christmas shopping. I know. I should really get on that.
But I have been getting into the spirit by listening and watching Christmas themed movies and music.
So I made a short list of my favorite holiday movies. Cause I looooooove lists so much.

In somewhat of an order...
A Christmas Story
Cause it's really hard not to like this movie. Especially when they air it non stop for 24 hours every year.

A Muppet Christmas Carol
It's a musical with muppets and Michael Caine. Essentially perfect.

It's a Wonderful Life
My mom's personal favorite and one we watch every year. It's funny. I love the movie to bits, but has anyone ever noticed that it's only Christmas for only the last forty minutes or so of the movie?

A Charlie Brown Christmas
No one needs a reason to love this movie.

I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan, but this movie makes me so deliciously happy when I watch it.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Musical. Stop motion. Holiday explosion. I miss classic Tim Burton(Sweeney Todd being the most recent exception to this).

Love Actually
One of my favorite movies, holiday or not. Makes me laugh and cry every time I watch it. Perfect cast. Perfect stories. Perfect everything.

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