Thursday, January 13, 2011

Geektastic Thursday: About a Boy

It's on my mind cause I finally bought it with some Christmas money I had left over. And I couldn't be more excited.
I love this movie. Maybe it's Nick Hornby. Maybe it's one of very few times I'm irked by Hugh Grant. Maybe it's the overall charm of everything about it. I don't know. I love it and am always telling people to watch it.
And no, there's not a lot of crafty things related to it. Though I do think Marcus' hat and scarf are pretty easy to find patterns. Vertical stripe scarf and zig-zagy type ear flap hat. Alpaca Earflaps comes pretty close and possibly the Stripes (and Stripes) Forever from The Happy Hooker for the scarf.
See? I brought it back around.
I would have embedded a video of him singing Shake Ya Ass or Killing Me Softly, but YouTube is not in a sharing sort of mood today.
Can we also talk about how Nicholas Hoult grew up to be a pretty attractive? Cause, that happened.
I still need to see A Single Man. I hear tell he gets friendly with one Mr. Colin Firth. Which I'm all for.

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