Thursday, November 18, 2010

Geektastic Thursday: Potter you Rotter

First off, I'm to all over the place to fully explain how EFFING EXCITED I AM!! Mere hours. HOURS! Till Deathly Hallows.
So apologies if this post is overwhelming.
Also, I'm not gonna even try and pretend I'm about to cover all my bases with catching some crafty Potter...things.
Look at this cute kid!
Now...ONTO THE SPAM. And no, there will be no order to these. I've also bypassed all the standard HP knitted gear. You know what it looks like and all that jazz. And if you don't...well, best skip this entry entirely since it's clearly
 Strangely, our hero is the only one not in knitted wear.
 Ravelry links for Ginny hat and twins hat.
Ravelry links for Luna scarf and sweater.

 Ok, I mainly wanted to post this cause I've been scouring everywhere to find a sweater like Hermione's...

Onto some projects...
 Pattern by my awesome friend Rosemary. She has an great blog you should check out.

Reworked a fingerless glove to make a Death Eater mark.
My sister made me this last year. I sadly don't wear it that often cause I can never quite button it right.
 And my Potter puppet hanging out with my Puff tie.

Came across this at another fantastic blog...perfection.
I also found a while ago a HP scarf someone was making using the pattern from the Doctor Who scarf. Which I can't find now, but will share if I ever come across it.

And a bonus Rickman and Grint, cause, well, cause I want to. 
Now off to waste time until we leave for the midnight show....GAH!

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