Monday, November 15, 2010

Re: Your Brains

I'm not a horror movie or Halloween loving person. And I'm not as hard core about zombies as all my friends.
But I try. I really do. Especially cause pretty people I like to look at keep making zombie flicks. Okay, really it's just Christopher Eccleston, Cillian Murphy and now Andrew Lincoln, you know, the adorable one pining after Keira 'needs a sandwich' Knightly in Love, Actually? Just saying, I would have chosen him.
It's taken me days, literally, days to get through the first episode of The Walking Dead.
It's awesome but scary as all hell.

WHY? Why don't zombies just eat each other? Is it cause they're not fresh? But what about the zombies who were turned yesterday? They still got some shelf life in them.
Also, my roommate Ashlee always brings up a good point in terms of a zombie apocalypse.
They can't swim. So when the s*#! goes down, get yourself to a boat, stock up on supplies, and you're safe for the immediate future.
That's my rant. Now I'm off to find the second episode cause while I want to cower behind the couch, I'm hooked and need to know what happens!

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