Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthmas week: Part 1

Cause when there's multiple Christmas birthdays you have to let it seep into the entire week. Tomorrow is Ashlee and mine's birthday. Thursday we exchange gifts with friends. And Friday I head to my mom's for the long weekend.
Basically, I'm spent yet weirdly excited and awake. I think cause I'm mainly functioning on cookies.

Last year our topper was the Enterprise. The Tardis has proved to be less prone to attacks by cats. Sadly I can't say the same for all my mini bows I put on some presents.

Just some of the mass of cookies Cheryl baked.

Also, found this while out shopping. Still amuses me.


  1. Yay! The decorations look fun. But eww, why are you putting edible foodstuffs on top of newspapers?? Do you not know what's on those things?

  2. Lol, but ink is so much better than cat hair on cookies....no?