Thursday, February 3, 2011

GeekyThursday: Random BBC is Random

It's a bit late and I wasn't quite sure what topost today. So it'll be more of a geeky show and tell. Well, watch and tell is more accurate.
I've outdone myself in the amount of British shows I'm currently watching. Sorry if my grading/reviewing is completely uninteresting to anyone reading this.
Being Human (series 3)
Grade: B, not sure where they're going this season, though zombies are about to happen. So that'll be cool. Wish they'd get rid of Nina though.
 Peep Show (working my way through all of it, about to start series 4)
Grade: C, it's funny, but super uncomfortable and aside from the two main guys, I want to shake everyone else.
 Primeval (series 4)
Grade: C-/D, it's just not the same without Cutter, Jenny/Claudia, Helen and Steven. I can't stand the new guy Matt and Jess needs a good slap in the face (and work appropriate shoes). Also the humor is gone, which is what made it awesome.
I just finished Miranda....
Grade: B+, I liked it so much more than I thought I would. It's sometimes a bit too cheesy and slapstick sitcom-y for my taste, but everyone in it is charming and I love them all. I really hope they get a third series.
I also just started series 5/generation 3 of Skins and series 4 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl. One ep. in on both, don't know if I'm gonna stick 'em out yet.
Wow, even I'm a bit embarrassed over all the TV I've been watching lately. I didn't even get into all the American shows I keep up with. Maybe next week.

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